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Social Networking

21st Century ! Every one is busy with their work.Man has started working like machines round the clock. Social networking is the way that the world communicates today.!

It helps to make friends round the world! One can have some direct contact with some eminent personalities,celebrities and so on. The world is highly competitive today and the rule applies here too ! There are wide number of social networking sites and upon which only a very few has fascinated every one.

FaceBook holds number one position among Social networking sites in India, whereas Web Giant Google’s Orkut is down to No.2.There are some other social networking sites like Linked in,hi5 etc… which too quite have more number of users.It doesn’t mean that the sites in top ranking only have more functionalities and flexibility to users . There may be a wide number of reasons for one to use a site.

Here are some facts about India’s No.1 Social Networking Site – FaceBook:

It was co-founded by M.E.Zuckerberg in 2004 @ California. It was primarily started with a motive to have communication among the students of a university and later became a global one.

There are some security issues which arose against FaceBook and some of them are quite being solved.

Here is an interesting fact about FaceBook Co-Founder:

Though FB holds 500 Million + users , the Co-founder has made some immunisation for himself in his facebook profile !Want to know what is it?

Here it is!

The Co-founder’s profile is located in FaceBook @ http://www.facebook.com/zuck .

You cannot block his account and he has some special features to use!

Click here to know more

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