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Anti Face Book arrives tomorrow !

Diaspora, anti Face Book arrives tomorrow(SEP15,2010)! Though Face Book is named as No.1 Social Networking site in India, there are a number of Security issues and it lacks some of the facilities needed by the Users. Diaspora in Greek refers to migration of group of people from an ancestral land. It is a Open source social network and will be a biggest challenge to Face Book Since it is open source the users can download it and install it in their own websites and can customize it as they need!

The project was initiated by four New York university students Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Ilya Zhitomirskiy and Raphael Sofaer. Even FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerburg has contributed to Diaspora project and has been funded by many others!

It’s stated in Diaspora site as “The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.”

How far will it reach? Will it overtake the 500 million users Social Networking Giant FaceBook? Let’s wait & watch! Anyway, hands off for such great initiative from New York University Students!

Try it ! Take me to Diaspora (*Active from SEP 15,2010)

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