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What is Information Technology ?

Information is nothing but the knowledge derived from Data. Technology refers to applying the scientific knowledge to the general problems. So, in short, Information Technology (IT) refers to analysis / study, development and managing something with the help of computers. There has been a great revolution of Information Technology in late 90’s and in 20th century. There are a number of definitions for Information Technology and it varies accordingly, where it has to be used! I could say that where ever computers & communications exist, IT too will exist there!

In today’s scientific world, almost everything is possible with computers but still there are a few facts which humans can only do! So, IT exists everywhere and development of all engineering categories depends on IT. There are a wide number of uses of IT which are countless. Almost all Engineering Discipline professionals are working in IT industry and even a country’s growth too mainly depends on it.

Most of the IT Professionals spend most of their time in front of computers. Though they gain knowledge and work a lot, there are some bad consequences too, which affects their health. So, it’s a maximum of 10 years you can spend your complete time in front of computers and later make up a change in your career, some suggest!

Though the Industry has faced a major setback a couple of years ago , now it has regained its power back and is gearing up. Some predict that, the Industry will grow up steadily for next ten years! IT industry India contributes 5.19% of country’s GDP and Export.

One of the great personalities of India Said,

IT + IT = IT which means,

India Today + Information Technology = India Tomorrow

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