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The Masterworks behind Google Search !

Google, the term which rules the world of internet. None of us can say, we don’t know Google!  Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were doing Ph.D., at Stanford University of California. The company Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. The name Google was originated from the term Googol, which means one followed by hundred Zeroes. Now Google owns , not just a search but a wide number of Online services and applications.

Let me tell you , what are master works behind the Google’s search .The three main things to be noted are Web Crawler , Indexer and Query Processor.

Googlebot is the Google’s Web Crawler. It retrieves web pages and passes it to the Indexer. The Web Crawler consist of number of computers requesting and fetching Web-pages from net with the help of various web servers.Crawling of a site will be done automatically but it takes some time for Google to Crawl your site of it’s own , instead we can add our site to WebCrawler to speed up the process.

Google’s Appearance in 90’s

Google Indexer receives information about the Crawled sites/pages from Googlebot.Then  the pages are sorted and stored in Google’s database.There are some techniques used for indexing (i.e.,) indexing only with the necessary content / words.The indexer converts all the letters to lower case for the best performance .

Founders of  Google

Query , in simple called as a Question . The terms used for searching is called as Search Query.The Query Processor processes the search query by matching it with the indexes stored in Google’s database. The Query processor also makes up Page Ranking and there are few other processes involved in it.

Need more information about , how Google works ? Google out for more …!

Happy Googling …

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