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What is Hacking?

Hacking, in general is unauthorized access of computers and network resources (with respect to field of computers).A hacker (intruder) is one who performs hacking, sometimes called as code breakers. Hacking is more common among youngsters, an analysis says! Hackers are often experts in programming and are highly skilled ones.

Each and every software/application will have some trap doors. Sometimes the developers may find it and eradicate it but no software can be said 100% hack proof. Some trap doors may not be known to the developers which the hackers may find it!

After the boom of internet, hackers too started growing up. Now-a-days the normal problems arise in internet such as theft of credit card numbers, passwords, etc., though there are some ways to protect it by means of applying encryption algorithm , On screen keyboard and many other , nothing can still be assured that it’s 100% hack proof.

There are different types of Hackers such as White Hats, Black Hats, Phreakers . White Hats, the name by itself suggests that they are not much dangerous. They are called Ethical hackers and they have authorization to break into the code. They assist manufacturer in securing them. Black Hats are the one who breaks the code and misuse it! Phreaker is one who hacks telecommunication services.

It’s highly unavoidable to make the world hacker free but its duty of every individual to make his data secure by taking some precaution measures! Hacking is not crime, if u doesn’t misuse it!!

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