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What is a Blog?

Blog is a term which we come across frequently when we are surfing and is  nothing but a  shortened form of Web Log. A blog in general, can be defined as an online journal, where people post entries about their personal experiences and hobbies. The set of content posted in a blog is called as Posts. The posts are arranged like LIFO order (i.e.,) the recent posts are displayed first.

There are a number of providers online; to create a blog such as Google’s BlogSpot, word press and many other. Each has its own features. Some blogs are highly customizable while some are not. Almost all the blogs allow users to make comments about the posts and some widgets can be added by users as needed.

There are different types of blog depending on the design, type of content and some other features. There are also separate search in search engines to search the contents of blogs. It’s also notable that there are also some dangers with blog .Earlier , some bloggers were arrested because of some on their anti writings. Blogging is also one of the nice hobby and a way to express our thoughts and experiences.

Most of the blogging sites make the novice easy to design their own blogs. Some provide easy designing by drag and drop feature whereas some providers make it a little difficult for beginners. The old posts are grouped automatically as archives or categories for later reference. A lot more features can be added to the blog by the user.

The major difference between a blog and a website is that, blogs are free and registering our domains may be charged. More over contents of the blog can be searched easily since every time when we publish new post in blog, it gets indexed in search engines. If you don’t have a blog, start blogging now, if interested!

Happy Blogging!

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