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Troubleshooting Your PC !

Troubleshooting , the name by itself suggests that it is a problem solving process . It’s a term used frequently to repair failed hardware or software.Almost each and every one is having PC at home now-a-days. So it will be nice if we know to solve some of the common problems which we face with our PC day to day.

Before that let me hint you a few things which exist already in the PC . One of the best examples is POST which refers to Power On Self Test .The PC Checks itself for necessary hardware functioning whenever it’s switched on.

Here are some of the problems which I have faced and I have also explained how I have solved it !

Problem 1:

When ever I switch on my System , an error is displayed that the CMOS Check Sum Bad. Press Del / F1 to enter setup ?

Solution :

It may occur because of the problem that your CMOS battery may get drained out.It needs to be changed 2 years once (approx) to keep the BIOS settings saved even though we Switch off the PC.

Problem 2:

I have installed Operating System in my PC but my system shows the error “No Boot Device Found” , when I switch on my PC ?


It may cause due to various reasons . Some of the common mistakes may be , we forget to change the Boot Priority and HDD must be available first in boot order (Preferably). Such error may occur also because of choosing wrong Primary Partition.

Problem 3:

I have connected two drives (either HDD or DVD Drive) but my PC shows only one drive or it doesn’t show any of the drives in “My Computer” ?


It occurs because of the Wrong Jumper settings (i.e.,) one drive should act as Master and other should act as Slave . You can find the jumper slot near the power slot.

Problem 4:

I have two drives of maximum size. How can I make a third logical drive by extracting some free space in the existing drives ?


You can use some third party software such Partition Magic or else you can use the shrink feature in Windows Vista or later versions.

Problem 5:

I have Windows 7 in my PC and how can I degrade to Windows XP or lower versions ?


This is one of the major problems which every one will face. Normally , degrade of Windows versions is not supported by default. You can make it done with a help of Live Boot Linux Disc.Boot into Linux and use partition manager to delete the Windows (OS) partition.


Problem 6:

I am unable to install Windows OS even after partitioning , in Windows Setup ?


It may probably due to a virus attack.In such case you can install OS , only when you delete all the existing drives in your PC.

Problem 7:

I have some very important data in my Hard Disk but unknowingly I formatted it. Is it possible to recover my data , after formatting ?


Yes it is possible to recover your data safe by using some third party software like “Recover My Files” , provided you doesn’t place some new data on same drive after formatting it.

Problem 8:

My PC gets switched on but there is no display in the Screen ?


Try fixing up your RAM correct in the  slot in MB.


[*Above content is only of my experiences and may not reflect the exact ones as in other sources]

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