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What is Hacking?

September 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Hacking, in general is unauthorized access of computers and network resources (with respect to field of computers).A hacker (intruder) is one who performs hacking, sometimes called as code breakers. Hacking is more common among youngsters, an analysis says! Hackers are often experts in programming and are highly skilled ones.

Each and every software/application will have some trap doors. Sometimes the developers may find it and eradicate it but no software can be said 100% hack proof. Some trap doors may not be known to the developers which the hackers may find it!

After the boom of internet, hackers too started growing up. Now-a-days the normal problems arise in internet such as theft of credit card numbers, passwords, etc., though there are some ways to protect it by means of applying encryption algorithm , On screen keyboard and many other , nothing can still be assured that it’s 100% hack proof.

There are different types of Hackers such as White Hats, Black Hats, Phreakers . White Hats, the name by itself suggests that they are not much dangerous. They are called Ethical hackers and they have authorization to break into the code. They assist manufacturer in securing them. Black Hats are the one who breaks the code and misuse it! Phreaker is one who hacks telecommunication services.

It’s highly unavoidable to make the world hacker free but its duty of every individual to make his data secure by taking some precaution measures! Hacking is not crime, if u doesn’t misuse it!!

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The Masterworks behind Google Search !

September 17, 2010 2 comments

Google, the term which rules the world of internet. None of us can say, we don’t know Google!  Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were doing Ph.D., at Stanford University of California. The company Google was first incorporated as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. The name Google was originated from the term Googol, which means one followed by hundred Zeroes. Now Google owns , not just a search but a wide number of Online services and applications.

Let me tell you , what are master works behind the Google’s search .The three main things to be noted are Web Crawler , Indexer and Query Processor.

Googlebot is the Google’s Web Crawler. It retrieves web pages and passes it to the Indexer. The Web Crawler consist of number of computers requesting and fetching Web-pages from net with the help of various web servers.Crawling of a site will be done automatically but it takes some time for Google to Crawl your site of it’s own , instead we can add our site to WebCrawler to speed up the process.

Google’s Appearance in 90’s

Google Indexer receives information about the Crawled sites/pages from Googlebot.Then  the pages are sorted and stored in Google’s database.There are some techniques used for indexing (i.e.,) indexing only with the necessary content / words.The indexer converts all the letters to lower case for the best performance .

Founders of  Google

Query , in simple called as a Question . The terms used for searching is called as Search Query.The Query Processor processes the search query by matching it with the indexes stored in Google’s database. The Query processor also makes up Page Ranking and there are few other processes involved in it.

Need more information about , how Google works ? Google out for more …!

Happy Googling …

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What is Information Technology ?

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Information is nothing but the knowledge derived from Data. Technology refers to applying the scientific knowledge to the general problems. So, in short, Information Technology (IT) refers to analysis / study, development and managing something with the help of computers. There has been a great revolution of Information Technology in late 90’s and in 20th century. There are a number of definitions for Information Technology and it varies accordingly, where it has to be used! I could say that where ever computers & communications exist, IT too will exist there!

In today’s scientific world, almost everything is possible with computers but still there are a few facts which humans can only do! So, IT exists everywhere and development of all engineering categories depends on IT. There are a wide number of uses of IT which are countless. Almost all Engineering Discipline professionals are working in IT industry and even a country’s growth too mainly depends on it.

Most of the IT Professionals spend most of their time in front of computers. Though they gain knowledge and work a lot, there are some bad consequences too, which affects their health. So, it’s a maximum of 10 years you can spend your complete time in front of computers and later make up a change in your career, some suggest!

Though the Industry has faced a major setback a couple of years ago , now it has regained its power back and is gearing up. Some predict that, the Industry will grow up steadily for next ten years! IT industry India contributes 5.19% of country’s GDP and Export.

One of the great personalities of India Said,

IT + IT = IT which means,

India Today + Information Technology = India Tomorrow

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Happy Engineer’s Day !

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment

September 15 is celebrated as Engineer’s day every year to commemorate the birthday of the great Engineer of India, Sir M. Visvesvaraya (1861-1962). Today is the Great Man’s Birthday!

He is a genius and a great patriot too! In 1955 he was crowned with “Bharatha Ratna” .He invented automatic doors to stop waste flow of water, block system and many other, has made world to look back at him. He was recognized internationally recognized for his outstanding works in successful design & construction of various dams, irrigation schemes and various other water related projects.

He was Dewan of Mysore and architect of Karnataka. He can be considered as Maker of modern Mysore. He is a man, who made India proud, by working smart! He still alive in people’s heart and it’s a day to pay tribute and honor him!

One of his famous sayings:

“Remember, your work may be only to sweep a railway crossing, but it is your duty to keep it so clean that no other crossing in the world is as clean as yours.”

A very Happy Engineer’s Day to all Young Engineers !

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Anti Face Book arrives tomorrow !

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Diaspora, anti Face Book arrives tomorrow(SEP15,2010)! Though Face Book is named as No.1 Social Networking site in India, there are a number of Security issues and it lacks some of the facilities needed by the Users. Diaspora in Greek refers to migration of group of people from an ancestral land. It is a Open source social network and will be a biggest challenge to Face Book Since it is open source the users can download it and install it in their own websites and can customize it as they need!

The project was initiated by four New York university students Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Ilya Zhitomirskiy and Raphael Sofaer. Even FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerburg has contributed to Diaspora project and has been funded by many others!

It’s stated in Diaspora site as “The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all, open source social network.”

How far will it reach? Will it overtake the 500 million users Social Networking Giant FaceBook? Let’s wait & watch! Anyway, hands off for such great initiative from New York University Students!

Try it ! Take me to Diaspora (*Active from SEP 15,2010)

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Open Source Software

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Open Source, one of the term which is most frequently used in the world of Computer Software, today.

Open source software, the name by itself suggests that the software is freely available for use and any one can get its source code, edit it and can redistribute it as needed. Open source software is not same as the free source software and the term free software doesn’t necessarily mean available at no charge. There is free software that is not open source and vice versa.

The most well-known open source software is Linux, a UNIX operating system derivative named after its creator, Linus Torvalds.The Linux Foundation, where Linux works, is more or less “in charge of” the Operating System kernel. The Linux kernel is turned into a platform by adding a wide range of utility software, primarily developed under the banner of the GNU organization.

A number of companies have been built around a so-called Open Source business model, where they license their software for free or very inexpensively, but derive their revenues from support and training services. In fact, most long-time participants in the software market realize well more than half of their software-related revenue from the source.

Many companies following the so-called open source business model adopt a tiered approach to their product offerings, releasing a completely free community edition of their software, and then Charging the license fee for their enterprise edition, which is often based on their community edition but includes additional features or is more highly scalable.

Yahoo and Google are reportedly large users of Open Source software. Popular websites like these generally own or collate large server farms that handle all of their web traffic. The ability to maintain hundreds of servers using inexpensive open source software is a huge cost saver for these companies because they don’t have to pay pre-server license fees. No one is hurt by the growth of Open Source. It’s hard to specifically identify any “losers” because license terms and conditions have minimal effect on market dynamics. Microsoft is often considered a loser because all companies migrated from Windows Server to Linux Server.

Microsoft has steadily gained both server software and overall software market share and more than quadrupled in revenue since Linux was first aggressively supported by companies such as IBM. So it’s hard to consider Microsoft as Loser. In future, there will be a great revolution of Open source Software and its growing day by day!

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Crazy Google ..!

September 11, 2010 2 comments

Love making fun with Google ? Here are a few!

  • Want to have a Look @ floating Google ? Just type “Google Gravity” in Google’s search box and click “I am feeling Lucky” . You can view Google doing something crazy on your screen!

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