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Computer Virus

September 27, 2010 3 comments

VIRUS refers to Vital Information Resource Under Siege. A Computer virus is nothing but a malicious program that brings damage to the data and applications which exist in computer. As we know that there are different types of viruses, each have its own characteristics. It’s a common problem for everyone who uses Windows and its allied Operating Systems that their PC gets affected by virus frequently unless they use a highly secure Antivirus.

Though we use antivirus software to make our PC free from virus, no anti-virus can assure that its 100% virus proof. So measures may help to make antivirus software better by making regular updates of virus definitions and so on. There are some viruses which disable antivirus software and take the control to itself.

Viruses easily get spread in executable form and through USB drives by means of antorun.inf file. The Windows OS itself cannot withstand to Virus after some extent whereas Linux OS can withstand to virus at greater extent. Linux also cannot be said as Virus proof OS but it cannot be affected by Virus easily, since it’s highly secure. Linux also doesn’t support executable files and modifying some of the core files need administrator permissions. It’s also a notable thing that Viruses are helpful to some extent, such as some spy wares used in some companies to know whether the employee really works but there are lot of disasters because of viruses. Making a system 100% free from virus is highly impossible but some safeguard measures can help us to be secure to some extent!

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Twitter is having a number of Security flaws?

September 22, 2010 2 comments

Twitter is one of the major social networking sites which have been used by millions of users around the globe. It connects a number of famous personalities and celebrities to their fans/followers directly. Though it has fascinated a number of users, a number of security issues arise regarding twitter and it’s being hacked frequently. Some days back, the passwords of a number of users were stolen and now it’s hit by a mouse over flaw!

When you are moving your mouse over a twitter feed, it performs some function automatically without your knowledge! This is current issue with Twitter! Though twitter claims that the problem has been recovered, the frequent issues bring up a bad opinion on it!

It was found that a 17 year Old Australian boy, Pearce Delphin (His Twitter name is @zzapis) is responsible for the cause of mouse over issue. It has affected a number of users and it had last for five hours (According to sources I referred).The “mouse over” is done by posting a JavaScript in the tweet. Twitter is having a character limit of 140, so some other master works too have been tried to hack!

Its notable that twitter is redesigning its site which will be available for all the users in a couple of days. It’s important for twitter team to keep an eye on security issues and find out the flaws to keep its users safe, in order to retain them??? Let’s wait and watch what’s going to happen!

More info regarding mouse over can be read from official twitter blog!

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