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An Overview of Perceptual Computing

Technology is making a rapid growth today making us to experience some of the imagination. Perception means to realize something, in general. Similarly perceptual computing means transforming the way of interacting with PCs in more natural way. Electronic device will be able to recognize our actions / movements like gestures, face recognition, finger articulation, speech recognition etc.,

Below is the Picture of Creative 3D Sensor camera used for Pereptual Computing , which intel provides to app developers.


You can interact with the device by means of gestures like, you will be able to virtually drive a car which appears in the screen, and you can kick a ball which appears and so on. As per my knowledge, Intel is the major company which has invested more in Perceptual Computing. They also have their own SDK which allows developers to build applications based on Perceptual Computing but the constraint is that they are compatible only with Intel processors. To bring up the interest of Perceptual computing among developers, Intel has also launched a contest “Perceptual Computing Challenge” for developers to build innovative applications.Below is the depiction of human recognition by Creative 3D sensor camera.A Person drives the car in his PC Virtually.

Perceptual Computing

Some of the interesting usage of perceptual computing is in building 3D Games, switching the background appearances when you make video chat like, you can sit at home and make your environment to look like a beach to the other who is watching you. It’s capable of detecting movements of all the 10 Fingers. We can virtually pick an object and move it , turn the page of the book you are reading , forward the music , recognize the age , your mood (either sad or happy).Machines (PCs) will understand what you are looking for.I am working on perceptual computing app , so will write it up detailed once after the results are successful. Perceptual Computing will definitely create a revolution in technological world. Let’s wait for it!

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